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Lentil as Anything (St Kilda)
41 Blessington Street

A menu without prices usually means that if you have to ask, you can't afford it. At Lentil as Anything, the complete opposite is true. There are no prices on the menu because it is up to the customer to pay whatever they think is fair.

Didn't quite catch that? You pay what you feel the food is worth.

For some reason, this anethema to standard business practice actually works. Some customers will pay 50 cents for the same meal that others will pay $40 for. What's the food actually worth? With professional chefs at the helm, and a variety of vegetarian and vegan meals, and an eclectic menu filled with Udon, Lentil Burgers, and Moroccan hotpot to name but a few, it's up to you to decide.

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    Vegetarian Meals availableCompletely Non Smoking
    HOURS Monday Tuesday Wednesday Thursday Friday Saturday Sunday
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    Member Review by aduki Magazine
    Submitted November, 2006

    The aromatic fusion of incense and spices is the first thing that arouses your senses when you enter this compact eatery in bustling St Kilda. Even mid-week the place is crammed with diners and you may have to wait for a table or perch on a wobbly bar stool in a corner to eat. The relaxed, yet friendly service is the perfect compliment to the eclectic décor and wine bottles with fresh flowers adorning each table. A short, but satisfying menu offers diners main fare that includes Asian- and Indian-inspired dishes such as: malai kofta, Japanese pancake, Moroccan hot pot, and pea and potato curry. The entire selection is vegan unless otherwise specified. All fresh produce is organic and you can taste it. The lentil and tofu burgers are what inspired the establishment’s existence, made with garden fresh ingredients and a variety of toppings – the home made coriander pesto is especially divine. The warm Vietnamese salad is a refreshing and tangy dish, and for those wishing to share, the menu offers a mixed curry platter for two. What’s most interesting about this delightful haunt (and its sister restaurant in Brunswick), is the founder’s approach to pricing – the café has no fixed prices. Describing his philosophy as a ‘social experiment’ to move away from increasing global economic rationalism, he has adopted a ‘pay as you feel’ concept whereby the Lentil as Anything cooperative rely on customer honesty and generosity to pay what they deem as a reasonable amount for the drinks, meal and service. Not for those seeking fine dining, Lentil as Anything offers a unique experience in collective efforts and the pursuit of breaking down common societal barriers.

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